Off Grid Weekend

August 14-16, 2015
It’s time to unplug and celebrate energy independence. Join the thousands of BioLiters from over 70 countries and spend 48 hours completely off grid! Are you up for it?


Can you step away from the outlet and say goodbye to fossil fuels and disposable batteries for 48 hours?
Off Grid Outdoors
Off Grid At Home
Off Grid On The Go


Off Grid Weekend can happen anywhere - from backyard to backcountry. How will you unplug?
Off Grid Outdoors
Off Grid At Home
Off Grid On The Go

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The Details

I’m in! When can I start?

This year Off Grid Weekend will take place August 14 - 16.

What do you mean by Go Off Grid?

Going off grid can mean a lot of different things but to us, it means using alternative sources of energy rather than connecting to an electrical grid (ie. avoid use of the lights or outlets in your home). How you choose to spend Off Grid Weekend is up to you! Feel free to go on a camping trip or spend a few days under your own roof, we just ask you to experience 48 hours sourcing your own energy.

Wait, do I have to turn off my phone?

Nope, but you’ll realize charging without access to an outlet becomes more difficult. Hint, hint: BioLite products provide a great alternative for charging off grid.

Why is BioLite doing this?

Through Off Grid Weekend, we aim to heighten awareness about the opportunities provided to us when accessing energy is easy and what happens when it isn’t so easy. It is also a fun way to celebrate energy independence!

How do I take the pledge?

It is really easy. Click Take The Pledge above and share your reasons for going off grid. Be sure to tag #OffGridWeekend and invite your friends to do the same!

How do I share my story?

Once you return to the grid share your experience with us in whatever way that makes the most sense for you: pictures, videos, stories, etc. Don’t forget to tag us!

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